The Middle Gate Elementary School Mural Project

In 2015, Susan Rosano was contracted by the Middle Gate Elementary School in Newtown, CT to create nine murals with the students and their families in their after school arts program. The school community wanted to move on from their grief and create some murals with themes of love, care, kindness, friendship, hope, respect, peace, perseverance & citizenship. These are the Core Character Attributes that students in the school are expected to live by. 

Susan designed all the murals with drawings by the students and input from their art teacher, school principal and Middle Gate PTA Chair. Over the course of 12 weeks, Susan came in to the school each week, sketched the pre-drawn mural design on the mural backer board and painted with all participants. She readied the room for painting and greeted families and students as they arrived, with instructions for painting. With over 200 people participating in this project, (maybe about 15 - 20 each week) they sure did a great job making these murals beautiful!         

Click on each photo for a close-up look!



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