Story Poems

Story poems are created by using a theme or short story from a person's life, with emphasis on self-expression and personal history. The poems can be printed on to watercolor paper that has been previously painted, making this a multi-diciplinary arts project that is fun for everyone. 

Mask Making

Making masks is a fun and meaningful activity. Susan specializes in creating many different types of masks to be hung on the wall using mosaics, plaster wrap or other materials.

Life Path Poster

A Life Path Poster maps out the path of one's life, recording the most important parts of one's life in sequential time, on a road map. This project includes personal history, designing, drawing, and writing, making it a fun and important project for all.

Senior Arts Programs

Songs for Seniors

Drawing to Relax


​Dance & Movement Groups

Personal History Projects

Life Path Posters

Personal Icons

Story Poems


Songs For Seniors

Contact Susan Rosano, MA,

Registered Expressive Arts Consultant and Educator

about these programs and more!


Phone: 802-254-6201

Community Mosaic Mural

Murals can be created with facilitation by Susan. If your group would like to embark of the fun, community oriented project of mural creation, please contact Susan at 860-301-9033.

Hat Decorating & Tea Party

Tea Parties are always fun for Ladies & Gentlemen. Wear your favorite dress up clothes and hats or have a "tea" with the craft of decorating your own hats!

Personal Icons

This project entails making a person look "iconic" through collage techniques. Using the photo below as an example, this photograph of an opera singer was copied and stained to create an old and faded look. Then, a paper background was created using notes on paper for a musical theme. The photo was then adhered to the background and the rest of the collage items were salvaged from her "junk" drawers, old clothes & hats, etc. to make this beautiful portrait that tells the story of this opera singer.

Drawing to Relax

A Drawing to Relax Class includes instructions on how to make Zentangles, Mandalas, Coloring in Adult Coloring Books, Gesture Art and more.

Collage Mural

This mural is designed by a group of people, who will create the theme and scene. The background is painted first. Then, the mural is made by using pre-drawn and cut-out pieces to be colored, placed and glued in the mural design by participants. 

Songs for Seniors is a ukulele musical sing-a-long program played in nursing homes, senior centers and other venues for adults by the Green Mountain Strummers Ukulele Band. Please see our "Green Mountain Strummers Ukulele Band" page for more information. 

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